DAY 1 15th DEC


Professor Saldanha Matos (President of DECivil)
Professor Kyriazis Pitilakis (President of EAEE)
Professor Andreas Kappos (Secretary – General of EAEE)
Professor Mario de Stefano (Coordinator of WG8 – EAEE)
Professor Rita Bento (Chair of 9th EWICS)


11h00Keynote Chair: Rita Bento

Irregularities in RC buildings: Perspectives in current seismic design codes, difficulties in their application and further research needs
Prof. Humberto Varum, University of Porto

11h45 – 12h00 | MORNING BREAK


SESSION 1 Chairs: Mario de Stefano (Italy) | Ana Simões (Portugal)

12h00 | Seismic enforced displacement-based pushover analysis on irregular in-plan R/C multi-storey buildings
Triantafyllos MakariosAthanasios Bakalis

12h15 | Design approach for an irregular hospital building in Bucharest
Dietlinde KöberPaul SemrauFelix Weber

12h30 | Seismic capacity of Eurocode 8 compliant RC frames with irregular vertical distribution of stiffness
Francesca Barbagallo, Melina Bosco, Aurelio Ghersi, Edoardo Marino, Pier Paolo Rossi

12h45 | Rotational seismic effects on irregular in elevation buildings
Piotr Bońkowski, Zbigniew Zembaty

13h00 – 14h00 | LUNCH BREAK


SESSION 2 Chairs: Oren Lavan (Israel)| Madalena Ponte (Portugal)

14h00 | Evaluation of the effectiveness of accidental eccentricity in capturing the effects of irregular masonry infills
Konstantinos Kostinakis, Asimina Athanatopoulou

14h15 | Evaluation of torsional parameters in seismic code provisions for multi-story unsymmetric- plan buildings
Luis Ardila, Juan Reyes, Maria Moreno

14h30 | Multiobjective optimization of long irregular RC bridges’ piers subjected to strong motions and definition of classification tree surrogate models
Vitor Camacho, Nuno Horta, Mário Lopes

14h45 | The slenderness of building in plan as a structural regularity criterion
Grigorios Manoukas, Asimina Athanatopoulou

15h00 – 15h15 | AFTERNOON BREAK


SESSION 3 Chairs: Edoardo Marino (Italy)| Rita Couto (Portugal)

15h15 | The effect of the number of adjacent buildings on the seismic response of structures
Behroozeh Sharifi, Gholamreza Nouri

15h30 | Design of irregular frames with fluid viscous dampers using optimization
Ohad Idels, Oren Lavan

15h45 | Reducing eccentricity in plan-irregular buildings through an innovative stiffening solution of the façade frames
Gabriel Moyano, Jesus Miguel Bairán

16h00 – 16h15 | AFTERNOON BREAK


SESSION 4  Chairs: Gustavo Ayala (Mexico) | Jelena Milosevic Ilic (Portugal)

16h15 | Seismic response of irregular bridges with rocking piers
Ioannis Thomaidis, Andreas Kappos

16h30 | Retrofitting of irregular structures for seismic loads using rocking walls
Ameer Marzok, Oren Lavan

16h45 | Seismic retrofitting of irregular mixed masonry-RC buildings in Lisbon
João Rodrigues, Jelena Milosevic Ilic, Rita Bento

17h00 | Seismic behavior of torsionally-weak buildings with and without base isolators
Juan Reyes

17h15 | Use of fluid dampers in order to improve the seismic performance of reinforced concrete buildings with asymmetric plan-view
Angelos Krystallis, Asimina Athanatopoulou, Konstantinos Kostinakis


DAY 2 16th DEC

10h00 | Keynote Chair: Rita Bento

Seismic response of masonry building aggregates in historic centres: observations, analyses and tests
Prof. Andrea Penna, University of Pavia


SESSION 1  ChairsZbigniew Zembaty (Poland) | Rita Couto (Portugal)

10h45| Evaluating the effect of the directivity of bidirectional ground motion on an irregular building: The former Uto City Hall
Kenji Fujii

11h00 | Performance of RC beam column joint with varying hoop reinforcement
Ashish Ugale, Suraj Khante

11h15 | Dynamic identification and structural behavior of an irregular school building
Riccardo Azzara, Vieri Cardinali, Mario De Stefano, Marco Tanganelli, Stefania Viti

11h30 | Influence of plan irregularity in the seismic vulnerability assessment of existing URM buildings with RC slabs
Vieri Cardinali, Marco Tanganelli, Mario De Stefano, Rita Bento

11h45 – 12h00 | MORNING BREAK


SESSION 2  Chairs: Asimina Athanatopoulou (Greece) | Ana Simões (Portugal)

12h00 | Multidirectional lateral loads and combination rules in pushover analysis
Cristina Cantagallo, Francesco Pellegrini, Enrico Spacone, Guido Camata

12h15 | Effects of column base flexibility on seismic response of instrumented steel moment-frame buildings
Tomasz Falborski, Ahmand Hassan, Amit Kanvinde

12h30 | Seismic risk assessment of existing RC frame-shear wall buildings
Beatrice Belletti, Enzo Martinelli, Elena Michelini, Michela Tavano, Francesca Vecchi

12h45 – 14h00 | LUNCH BREAK


SESSION 3  Chairs: Dietlinde Köber (Romania) | Claudia Caruso (Italy)

14h00 | Methodology for the seismic assessment of complex masonry monuments: case study of the National Palace of Sintra
Madalena Ponte, Rita Bento

14h15 | Influence of vertical irregularities on the seismic assessment of RC framed and wall-frame buildings
Maria-Victoria Requena-Garcia-Cruz, Rita Couto, Rita Bento, Antonio Morales-Esteban

14h30 | Classification of primary school buildings: influence of in-plan irregularities
Beatriz Zapico-Blanco, Maria-Victoria Requena-Garcia-Cruz, Emilio Romero-Sánchez, Jaime de-Miguel-Rodríguez, Antonio Morales-Esteban

14h45 | Modified modal response spectrum analysis of plan irregular highly torsionally-stiff structures under seismic demand
Saúl López, Daniel Pancardo, Mario De Stefano, A Gustavo Ayala, Valerio Alecci  

15h00 | Ground motion duration assessment of a plan-asymmetric reinforced concrete building
André Belejo, André Barbosa, Rita Bento

15h15 – 15h30 | AFTERNOON BREAK